environmentIn 2004, we were notified by the City of Fredericton of its concerns to protect the local aquifer and the need to remove Perc (perchlorethylene) from the downtown core. During that period we had a choice: a) to close shop and retire, or b) to seize the moment and lay the foundation to move our company onto a new generation aimed at growth and minimizing our environmental footprint. When we embarked on this journey we consulted with local government, members of the community, environmental engineers, and with our industry leaders.

Thanks to the leadership and commitment of these individuals and agencies, along with a grant from our local government, we were able to move our processing plant away from the downtown core to an industrial zone. In contrast to industry standards and practice, we decided to discontinue using perc to clean garments, and purchased new machinery that used DF2000. Additionally, we replaced our dry cleaning machines with modern up-to-date equipment. We also installed energy efficient machinery/equipment, and installed a multi-washer chemical controller. We have implemented a stringent maintenance and waste removal process.

In our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment we implemented a hanger recycling program whereby customers can return used metal hangers to any of our locations. We also plan to offer valet pick-up and delivery customers free reusable laundry bags to place their items and are considering a move towards providing regular customers with their own labeled re-usable garment bags. We use phosphate free soaps, and we recycle all soaps and solvents after usage.

At Bellboy we pride ourselves on our use of state of the art equipment and our dedication to remaining on top of environmentally friendly options, while providing our customers with exceptional cleaning service.

We operate a “closed loop” system that keeps 100% of our solvents and associated gases from escaping into the atmosphere. Our packaging is made out of recyclable materials when available.

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