cleaning tips

  • Always follow the care labels located in the inseams of your garments to clean and preserve your garments
  • If a garment or fabric stain is still wet, do not rub it. This will spread the stain and embed it in the fabric. Absorb excess moisture by carefully blotting the item with a paper towel or cotton towel
  • Water spots on fabrics such as silk or taffeta can be removed by passing steam through the item (such as a kettle of water) and then gently ironing using a low setting while the item is still damp
  • Do not iron fabrics that have a deodorant stain, or have been recently exposed to deodorant without being washed, as this can permanently stain the garment
  • Do not remove cosmetic stains yourself, as the colors and oils in many cosmetics can bleed through fabric enlarging the stain. Have the stain professionally treated
  • Do not use hot water to clean egg stains as this will set the stain
  • The mildest and safest bleach for whitening and brightening natural fibers is white vinegar. Moreover, it is less harmful for the environment
  • When laundering clothes at home consider using phosphate free detergents and air drying items. Think “Green”
  • When removing stains at home, be leery of the use of acetone, as many fibers will dissolve or weaken when exposed to this chemical
  • If gum sticks to a garment harden the gum with ice to allow it to become brittle and then chip it off. Wash the garment thoroughly to remove residue and sugars
  • Perspiration can have a deleterious effect on your garments by weakening the fibers. Soak perspiration stains promptly in a solution of warm water mixed with white vinegar
  • Candle wax should be removed by placing the stained area between two paper towels, or pieces of brown paper. Press the item with a warm iron so that the wax can be absorbed into the paper towels or brown paper
  • Ink stains can wreak havoc on many fabrics. Unfortunately, home cleaning methods such as using hairspray to remove pen ink can make the stain bleed and set into the fabric due to the oils and lanolin contained in many hairsprays. Have the item professionally stain treated
  • Although home dry cleaning kits are convenient, most of the products on the market work well in freshening your garments and removing some odors. However, they are less effective in removing many types of stains, particularly oil-based stains, and in some cases may cause the stain to bleed and permanently set into the fabric. Moreover, many of these products are unable to remove ground-in soils
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